Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about your accommodation?

Our Hacienda will be a unique experience for our guests as we combine adventure, luxury and personalised hospitality. After a day of ridding in the
mountains and appreciating nature; you will be able to relax and enjoy a warm fireplace, luxurious accommodations, a Jacuzzi with a sunset view and our famous and exquisite
flavorful, healthy  meals.

2. How do you regard environment protection?

Environmental protection for us is not only an important part of our mission, it is the essential component. We have always been advocates of conservation and constantly work with local schools and communities promoting environmental protection. We even give our guests the opportunity to visit these schools and work with the kids in awareness activities.

3. Is there a particular delicacy in your restaurant?

All of our meals are a combination of Ecuadorian and International plates.
Our guests are always surprised by the variety of flavors our food has and how they are perfectly combined making food not only a meal but a whole experience. All of our plates are family recipes and the chef/owner is always happy to share them with our guests.

4. Which is the most beautiful place in your accommodation?

Our deck  and living room have a spectacular view and a big fireplace. In the living room/deck  you can enjoy a glass of wine, read a book, talk , listen to music or enjoy our jacuzzi and the view of the sunset behind the Pasochoa Mountain

5. Which dish should guests definitely try?

Our soups are always highly rated by our guests as they are very unique. In Ecuador you can have a different soup every day for a whole month. One of our specialties is called "Aji de Queso". It is a mix of cheese, avocado, beans, potato... basically an explosion of flavor. It is not only delicious but fun too as all the ingredients come separately to the table and you have to put them together. If you are a person that loves desserts you can not leave the Hacienda without trying our "Torta de Maqueno", a type of banana bread taken to another level. Maqueno is a unique type of banana that is produced in Ecuador, much sweeter and baked in our Hacienda into a delicious cake accompanied with our home-made whipped cream.

6. What would you recommend if a guest is already awake very early in the morning and likes to explore the accommodation?

If our guests are awake very early in the morning they will never get bored. As our place is a working hacienda, there are always things to do, even at four in the morning when the morning milking begins. After that you can help bring the horses to the corals, help getting them ready, feed the calves, or many other farm activities. 

You can also take a nice hike around the hacienda or enjoy nature in our gardens with a book.

7. What does especially fascinate you about Ecuador/Galapagos?

The most fascinating thing about Ecuador is that in such a small country you have the great combination of the amazon jungle, the Andes highlands, the pacific beaches and the unique Galapagos Islands. It is such a small country that you are able to visit them all. Our country offers different activities; from scuba diving in the Galapagos, to bird watching in the amazon and horseback ridding in the Andes. Its people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Ecuador is a natural beauty combined with a rich cultural experience that visitors never forget.

8. What is your personal tip, what should the guests definitely have seen?

Our personal tip is to be open-minded and discover the cultural richness of our country as well as its natural beauty. Our hacienda offers a cultural immersion as our staff is from the area and we have close relationships with the local communities. Our place is not only an accommodation it is a whole experience. The Ecuadorian Highlands are culturally rich and the "Chagras" (the cattle/horsemen of the Ecuadorian Andes) have very different life-styles and our culture is very much shaped by them. Our advice is to open up to this life-style and try to understand and enjoy their ways.

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